Beauty is in the eye of the viewer


Abstract Art is defined as a form of art that breaks from the traditional representation of physical objects (for example: painting a person, place, or thing) and instead involves the artist using shapes, colors, texture, gestural marks, form, brushstrokes, and more to create a visual effect that, when finished, evokes different reactions from anyone who views it. There are no rules, and honestly, you’re only limited by your creativity. That’s the reason why I love abstract art so much, because it requires all of us to use our imagination and past experiences to make sense of what we see. Therefore, what YOU see or feel from an abstract painting may be completely different than the person standing next to you … and the person standing next to them. It’s all about the perception of each viewer.

Viewing abstract art is a pleasurable and visually satisfying experience for many people. It brings people together, inspires them, and gets them talking. Please take a look at the Custom Art by Maithen Elizabeth gallery below to see some of the projects I’ve worked on in the past. Don’t see something that speaks to your individual needs? Give me a call, and I’ll show you a world of possibilities.