Add to the charm of your local business with custom artwork

You worked hard to build your local small business from the ground up. You hired the right employees, you created an unmistakable product or service that is unlike any of your competitors, and every day you pride yourself on taking care of the needs of every customer that walks through the front door. But maybe you were so busy being a rock star in those areas that you forgot about doing something fun with those boring white walls in the lobby or the outside of the building. Commercial artwork such as logos, murals, and smaller custom pieces can add a unique charm to your storefront while also doing any of the following:

• Impress your clients and encourage open dialogue

• Connect your business to the community

• Build a recognizable brand

• Give employees a creative environment to work in each day

My company, Custom Art by Maithen Elizabeth, can help your business stand out in the crowd by creating custom artwork that speaks to your creativity, passion, personality, and style. Having one-of-a-kind artwork in your business is attractive to customers and, believe it or not, gives them even more reason to do business with you. Please take a look at the gallery below to see some of the projects I’ve worked on in the past.

Viewing abstract art is a pleasurable and visually satisfying experience for many people. It brings people together, inspires them, and gets them talking. Please take a look at the Custom Art by Maithen Elizabeth gallery below to see some of the projects I’ve worked on in the past. Don’t see something that speaks to your individual needs? Give me a call, and I’ll show you a world of possibilities.

Currently working with Village Professional Painters.

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