The perfect and colorful addition to any space


Without getting too deep into a geology lesson, geodes are essentially hollow, circular rock formations that can form in almost any cavity. If you were to split one in half, you would see bands of colorful crystals, quartz, minerals, and very detailed lines that would make any heart for beauty melt. Geode artwork is an abstract version of art that can bring those same elements from the physical rock to life on a simple canvass, piece of wood, or in free form. 

Geode artwork is one of my favorite projects to work on at Custom Art by Maithen Elizabeth. I use different forms of mixed media (crystals, rocks, glitter, and various textures) to create a sleek and elegant custom piece that can spice up any living room, dining room, bedroom, or bathroom. 

Please take a look at the gallery below to see just a few of the geode artwork projects I’ve worked on in the past.