Painting the world beautiful

You shouldn’t have to be a worldly traveler and make special trips once or twice a year to the Louvre or Smithsonian to experience artwork that makes you truly happy. Don’t get me wrong; there’s a reason why millions of people visit these and other renowned art galleries across the globe – they are chock full of history and priceless works from amazing artists and painters, all of whom manage to pull from us a variety of reactions and emotions that words by themselves cannot express. But art should be all around us in our daily lives, too, whether it’s elaborate murals on the walls and ceilings of the churches we pray in each Sunday, paintings in our homes, small pieces at our children’s schools, or custom items that bring out the charm of local businesses we visit each day. The magic happens when we surround ourselves with art that speaks to who we are, our style, what’s important to us – and makes us smile.

At Custom Art by Maithen Elizabeth, I specialize in painting the world beautiful with custom artwork for residential and commercial clients near and far. I am a third-generation, self-taught artist who enjoys tailoring the creative process to the individual needs of my clients. Do you need logo artwork for your coffee shop? I can help. How about a cartoon mural for your daughter’s bedroom or an abstract painting for your dining room? I do that, as well. My calling in life is to make people happy with art. 

• Abstract art

• Commercial art

• Logo artwork

• Children’s paintings 

• Murals

• Emotional pieces

• Geode artwork 

• Sports art

• Charity auction pieces

• And so much more … 

With art, you’re only limited by your creativity

Abstract Gallery


My specialty is abstract art, where reality takes a back seat to the relationships between shapes, colors, texture, and the power each has in bringing people together and sparking conversation. What each piece represents is all in the eye of the viewer.

Commercial Gallery


My commercial portfolio includes everything from custom pieces that showcase a business’ style and personality to large-scale murals, logo artwork, and more. I spend time sitting with small-business owners to understand their goals and what makes them tick.

Geode Gallery


Geodes are created over thousands of years, turning perfectly normal minerals into crystal and gemstone formations.  I emulate the beauty of geodes on canvas  hard surfaces or free form to produce my own interpretation of their beauty.

Kiddos Gallery


Cartoon artwork and murals for kids spaces (bedrooms, play areas, daycares, doctor’s offices, churches etc.) provide amazing comfort, educational opportunities, and wonderment. My goal is to spread a little sunshine while paying attention to the tiniest of details.

Charity Gallery


I offer a 50-50 split for organizations and individuals looking to raise money for a great cause with custom auction pieces. Some of the charities and businesses I’ve worked with include Serve Denton, There Has to be More Ministries, Grace Like Rain, Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce, and Cross Timbers YMCA

Sports Gallery


Do you have a favorite team?  I create custom sports art for your sports fanatic.  These are all 100% original pieces signed by Maithen Elizabeth, the artist.  

More reasons to work with Custom Art by Maithen Elizabeth –

A partner in creating your artistic treasures

You can tell a lot about a person or a business by sitting with them and having a conversation. I take pride in asking the right questions, being an even better listener, and partnering with my clients to create the custom art piece of their dreams.

Unrivaled adaptability

I love a challenge. Sometimes, my clients know exactly what they want, and I’m merely their hands. Other times, they have no idea what they want – all they know is they want to fill a particular space. My goal is to adapt to each client’s situation. 

Experience, Experience, Experience

You don’t just hire an artist for their ideas and skill; you hire them for experience. I’m a third-generation, self-taught artist and have been perfecting my craft since I was very young. I’ve been working with residential and business clients since 2012.

If you’ve been looking for an artist who is willing to sit with you and create a work of art that speaks to you and or your business, Custom Art by Maithen Elizabeth is here to help. I enjoy each step of the creative process and growing happy clientele along the way.

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Beautifully Broken

Capstone Church

Elizabeth’s work is AMAZING!  I love her attention to the fun little details such as adding a fly to a hungry lizard on our jungle wall.  She puts in the extra time and effort in order to make her work worthwhile and with a level of excellence.  Thank you Elizabeth!!!   

- Pastor Marty Garza Next Generation Pastor at Capstone Church 

White Settlement VFW


I have had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth for over a year now. She is on time and professional, her artwork has become a focal point to the White Settlement VFW.

- White Settlement VFW


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